Final Word: The Joy of Discovery

As our training network draws to close, we thank all our fantastic friends and colleagues along the way for their invaluable contributions to our cause. Our talented network of early career scientists have worked incredible hard over the last four years. Through some remarkable times globally, the innovative science continued and here below is a brief explanation of some of the discoveries made during the life of synBIOcarb.


Glycobiology Graz: ESIB 22

The European Summit of Industrial Biotechnology (ESIB) in Graz in November 2022 has provided synBIOcarb which a fantastic opportunity for our network to share an overview of some of their work and results so far. A synBIOcarb glycobiology session at the summit was led by Birgit Wiltschi, Head of the Synthetic Biology Group at ACIB, alongside Juergen Mairhofer, founder of EnGenes Biotech. Both presented an overview of their achievements through the life of the network. These incredible achievements have been possible with the benefit of our Horizon 2020 grant funding in facilitating synBIOcarb’s mission to progress ground breaking techniques in synthetic glycobiology. Most of the session starred ESRs Natalia Danielewicz, Paras Kundalia and Francesca Rosato who shared their experience of being part of an Innovative Training Network and presented their individual project work to an enthusiastic and engaged audience at this prestigious event in Europe.

Invitation to SynBIOcarb Industry Event – 28 June

28th June 2022

Open invitation to our synBIOcarb Industry Event kindly organised by EnGenes Biotech.

Theme :


14.00-16.00 CET

The following speakers will present and discuss their career pathway, their current job position and the skills needed to be successful in a particular industry:


NADINE BONGAERTS, PhD Co-FounderScience Matters2.05 pm – 2.25 pm
MARCEL BOSS, PhD Patent attorneyIP-Matters2.25 pm – 2.45 pm
INGRID KELLY, PhD Venture capital fundsISTcube2.45 pm – 3.05 pm
NADIA SEDLYAROVA, PhD Regional Segment Marketing ManagerIllumina3.05 pm – 3.25 pm
PANEL DISCUSSION / Q&A 3.25 pm – 4.00 pm


Register using this link below to receive access to the meeting

We are looking forward to your participation.

Final Frontier: International Conference on Synthetic Glycobiology

We are pleased to announce our forthcoming final synBIOcarb conference. This event is being organised in collaboration with the COST Action CA18132 GlycoNanoProbes. A huge thank you to the Institute of Microbiology at the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague for hosting this conference.

  • Theme: Innovative Glyconano-materials for Biomedical Prognostic and Diagnostic devices – Synthesis and Application
  • When: 29th March – 1st April 2022
  • Where: Prague, Czech Republic

Event Website

Scientific Programme


A D’Orleans French Fancy

Federica Vena spread the word about synBIOcarb and her excellent work with biotherapeutic glycoproteins at the 33rd BTC conference near Orleans in October 2021. BTC (BioTechnoCentre), founded over 30 years ago, brings together research and industry organisations from the Center-Val de Loire region of France to promote their work in biotechnology discoveries. This year’s conference was attended by 160 delegates including 70 doctoral students and was featured in the French Newspaper La Nouvelle Republic.

See Federica’s Poster

ACIB fronts Austrian NIGHT 21

Our ESR videos in the series Diary of a Scientific Researcher are featured in the 2021 European Researcher Night Life is Science hosted in Austria by ACIB. The evening event Cinema and Science was particularly popular and received hugely positive feedback. An audience of around 200 listened to Prof. Kai-Uwe Fröhlich and Dr. Fritz Treiber from the University of Graz talking about the science in movies like World War Z, Jurassic Park and Contagion.

Fabulous Flow of Discovery in Fictional Freiburg

Our network didn’t quite make it to the beautiful surroundings of Freiburg for our TE4 training event host by BIOSS at Albert Ludwig University and postponed from 2020. But we are still smiling through the continuing fantasy of online communication and our ESRs have become adept at giving and receiving knowledge in this way. So 14th and 15th September 2021 became two incredible days packed full of inspiring guest speakers – Dr. Taras Sych, Prof. Dr. Marta Bally, PD Dr. Eva Decker, Dr. Maximilian Hörner – and brilliant presentations from our amazing team in Freiburg including demo videos! Leading the science on, as we continue through our second phase of synBIOcarb, were some exceptional joint project proposals from our ESRs – plenty to fuel a group of eager and open scientific minds..

Poster Proud at Chemical Congress

Juvissan Aguedo and Paras Kundalia presented their fantastic work at the 73rd Congress of Slovak and Czech Chemists on 6-10th September 2021 where annually around 500 members of the scientific community in Eastern Europe gather to share their knowledge and latest discoveries.

Read Juvissan’s abstract

Read Paras’s abstract

TE5 in a Surreal Slovakia

For 2 days in early December 2020 our wonderful colleagues at the Institute of Chemistry in the Slovak Academy of Sciences hosted our synBIOcarb training event 5 (TE5) online with a fantastic array of scientific training from guest speakers including Hiroaki Tateno, Pavel Babál, Pavol Čekan, and Lubor Borsig.

Our lovely bunch of scientists