Glycobiology Graz: ESIB 22

The European Summit of Industrial Biotechnology (ESIB) in Graz in November 2022 has provided synBIOcarb which a fantastic opportunity for our network to share an overview of some of their work and results so far. A synBIOcarb glycobiology session at the summit was led by Birgit Wiltschi, Head of the Synthetic Biology Group at ACIB, alongside Juergen Mairhofer, founder of EnGenes Biotech. Both presented an overview of their achievements through the life of the network. These incredible achievements have been possible with the benefit of our Horizon 2020 grant funding in facilitating synBIOcarb’s mission to progress ground breaking techniques in synthetic glycobiology. Most of the session starred ESRs Natalia Danielewicz, Paras Kundalia and Francesca Rosato who shared their experience of being part of an Innovative Training Network and presented their individual project work to an enthusiastic and engaged audience at this prestigious event in Europe.