Synthetic Glycobiology Issue of Interface Focus

A special issue of the Royal Society journal Interface Focus dedicated to synthetic glycobiology has been published. The issue was organised by synBIOcarb supervisors Bruce Turnbull, Anne Imberty and Ola Blixt and includes contributions from speakers at the Royal Society International Meeting on Synthetic Glycobiology that took place in October 2018. The issue includes 11 papers and reviews from researchers based in Europe, Japan and the USA including some of the other synBIOcarb supervisors: Ralf Richter, Birgit Wiltschi, Jan Tkac and Winfried Römer.

synBIOcarb coordinator Bruce Turnbull was also interviewed for the Royal Society Publishing Blog to mark the release of the special issue.

ITN Coordinator Information Day

synBIOcarb coordinator Prof Bruce Turnbull recently attended the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions information day in Brussels along with coordinators from 146 other new Innovative Training Networks. Lots of useful tips from the MSC team as we get ready to recruit our 15 Early Stage Researchers.

Synthetic Glycobiology Conference

The synBIOcarb team recently organised an international scientific meeting on Synthetic Glycobiology, generously funded by The Royal Society.

Participants from Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, The Netherlands, Singapore, Slovakia, UK and USA, met at the Kavli Royal Society Centre at Chicheley Hall in the UK to define the emerging field of synthetic glycobiology.

Full details of the meeting can be found on the Royal Society web page, and the meeting papers will be published in a forthcoming issue of Interface Focus.


Photo credit Sophia Coe, Royal Society