synBIOcarb presents at SJEZD 2020

Posters were presented by our synBIOcarb ESRs in the Institute of Chemistry at the Slovak Academy of Sciences. Well done to Juvissan Ariza and Paras Kundalia who both had their abstracts accepted for poster presentation the 72nd Congress of Czech and Slovak Chemists in Prague on 6-9 September 2020.


.. for a happy team

Poster proud

.. and covid-safe

It wasn’t without the COVID-19 influence familiar to us all now. But the eyes have it! The rainbow of masked faces didn’t dampen the academic buzz or deter collaborative discussions outside in the beautiful Czech sunshine. Only one regret – Paras was very much missed. The timing meant he must stay confined to Slovakia due to self-isolation rules. Let’s hope for a better scenario next time.

Read Juvissan’s abstract. Read her poster

Read Paras’ abstract.