Nanotechnology-driven construction of bioanalytical devices for glycomics

Juvissan Ariza

This project will involve application of various types of nanomaterials to enhance sensitivity of detection using an optical and an electrochemical platform of detection. Such devices will be constructed using immobilised glycans, antibodies, commercially available lectins, artificial/recombinant lectins and various glycan binding modules developed within consortium. In the final steps lectins or newly developed glycan binding modules will be used for glycoprofiling of attached glycoproteins (i.e. a sandwich configuration antibodies/glycoproteins/lectins). Bioanalytical devices with immobilised glycans will be applied for specific detection of autoantibodies raised against abnormal glycans appearing during development and progression of various diseases.

Location: Institute of Chemistry, Slovakian Academy of Sciences (ICSAS), Bratislava, SK
Supervisor: Dr Ján Tkáč