The Team

Prof Ola Blixt

University of Copenhagen, DK

Projects: ESR8, ESR9

synthesis of lipidated glycopeptides; protocell-interactions

Prof Christelle Breton


Projects: ESR7

enzymatic carbohydrate synthesis; structural biology

Dr Anne Imberty


Projects: ESR6

lectins, biochemistry; titration calorimetry; modelling; x-ray structure

Dr Jaroslav Katrlík

Slovak Academy of Sciences, SK

Projects: ESR13

lectin, glycan, microarray, biosensor, biochip

Dr Ludovic Landemarre

GLYcoDiag, FR

Projects: ESR14

glycoanalytics; lectins; glycoconjugates; glycans recognition; diagnostics

Dr Juergen Mairhofer

EnGenes Biotech, AT

Projects: ESR15

bioprocess engineering; protein production; Escherichia coli; growth decoupled protein production

Dr Ralf Richter

University of Leeds, UK

Projects: ESR3

biological interfaces; bio-mimetic systems; surface bio-functionalisation; soft matter; glyco-biophysics; glycan-rich extracellular matrices; cell recognition

Prof Winfried Römer

ALU Freiburg, DE

Projects: ESR4, ESR5

cell biology; protocell interactions

Dr Ján Tkáč

Slovak Academy of Sciences, SK

Projects: ESR12

biosensors; nanomaterials; protein glycoprofiling; glycans; lectins

Prof Bruce Turnbull

University of Leeds, UK

Projects: ESR1, ESR2

protein engineering; carbohydrate synthesis

Dr Birgit Wiltschi


Projects: ESR10, ESR11

protein engineering; non-canonical amino acids; bioorthogonal reactions; drug delivery