Productivity in a time of Pandemic

Europe went into lockdown in Spring 2020 but our synBIOcarb ESRs are continuing with their research wherever they can. These two recent papers are associated with our synBIOcarb work and show that even the extreme restrictions of a pandemic can’t stop our thirst for more knowledge in the field of synthetic glycobiology.

Lina Siukstaite (ESR4) in Dr Winfried Romer’s lab at the University of Freiburg contributed to this paper in Frontiers in Physiology. It looks at the effect of the lectin LecA on stretch-activated ion channels, mechanical sensors in the heart. LecA is a virulence factor of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, a bacillus which is a major cause of infection in patients with underlying or immunocompromising conditions.
enGenes Biotech CEO, Dr Juergen Mairhofer, co-authored this paper in ACS Synthetic Biology about the enGenes-X-press Technology. It explains their novel approach for improved recombinant protein production (RPP) using Escherichia coli (E. coli) by decoupling recombinant protein synthesis from cell growth. This technique has profound implications for biotechnology and bioengineering and helps to establish more cost-effective and generic manufacturing processes.