Process development for the production of recombinant lectins in Escherichia coli

Natalia Danielewicz

The focus of this project is bioprocess development for the scalable production of different lectins in Escherichia coli. enGenes Biotech has developed a proprietary technology that allows decoupling of cell growth from recombinant protein synthesis by using an engineered Escherichia coli host cell chassis. Within this project the ESR will work with different lectins used within the consortium, will develop manufacturing processes in different working scales (1L up to 20L) and will characterise the host cell response to conceptualise strategies for host cell engineering to finally obtain improved production strains based on enGenes-X-press technology. The work will combine state-of-the-art molecular biology with bioprocess engineering and will train the ESR within these relevant fields.

EnGenes Biotech
Supervisor Dr Juergen Mairhofer