Affinity-based methods for high-throughput determination of glycosylation

Paras Kundalia


This project will involve development of biochip and biosensor-based assays for screening of glycosylation status and its changes on proteins and cell surfaces using natural and engineered glycan recognising elements, mainly lectins. The platform for high-throughput analysis will be protein microarray. The interactions will be analysed also by surface plasmon resonance and by novel label free, realtime, microfluidics based platforms in microarray format, single colour reflectometry. Other techniques such as immunoassays and mass spectrometry for glycans identification will be employed as well. The developed biochips will be used for detection of glyco-biomarkers of cancer and other diseases, and for other applications related to protein glycoprofiling in medicine, biology and biotechnology.

Institute of Chemistry – Slovak Academy of Sciences (ICSAS)
Supervisor: Dr Jaroslav Katrlík