Engineering Multimeric AB5 lectin complexes for membrane fusion

Eva Dai



We have recently developed methods for the site-specific chemical, enzymatic and genetic modification of cholera toxin to make non-toxic delivery vehicles that can carry large cargoes into cells. We have also developed methods which enable the re-engineered proteins to initiate membrane fusion. In this project the ESR will investigate how changes in the structure of the proteins affects and controls vesicle crosslinking and fusion. They will develop new protein tools for crosslinking and fusing together vesicles and cells that are coated in different types of sugars. Through this interdisciplinary project they will also have the opportunity to develop skills in protein engineering and molecular biology; site-specific chemical modification of proteins; biophysical techniques for measuring the affinity for molecular interactions; and fluorescence imaging techniques for studying membrane interactions.

Appropriate training will be provided in all areas that are new to the researcher.

University of Leeds
Supervisor: Prof Bruce Turnbull