The Projects

Our Early Stage Researchers will each undertake a PhD project in one of the following areas.

Together, we will advance the emerging field of Synthetic Glycobiology towards applications in diagnostics and targeted delivery. 

ESR No. Primary supervisor Research Project


Prof Turnbull, University of Leeds, UK Engineering multimeric AB5 lectin complexes for membrane fusion
ESR2 Prof Turnbull, University of Leeds, UK Mucin-like glycocalyx modules for creating more complex artificial glycocalyxes
ESR3 Dr Richter, University of Leeds, UK Lectins on polymer scaffolds for superselective targeting of cancer cells
ESR4 Prof Römer, University of Freiburg, DE Basic mechanisms and applications of lectin-triggered membrane fusion
ESR5 Prof Römer, University of Freiburg, DE Crosslinking cytotoxic T cells and cancer cells with lectins to mediate cell death
ESR6 Dr Imberty, CERMAV-CNRS, FR Engineering of neo-lectins and janus lectins
ESR7 Prof Breton, CERMAV-CNRS, FR Application of glycosyl transferases to functionalise protocells
ESR8 Prof Blixt, University of Copenhagen, DK Chemical approaches to modify biological membranes and cell-surfaces
ESR9 Prof Blixt, University of Copenhagen, DK Glyco-modulation of membranes to elucidate host-parasite interactions
ESR10 Dr Wiltschi, ACIB, AT Lectin attachment on surfaces by bioconjugation at non-canonical amino acids
ESR11 Dr Wiltschi, ACIB, AT Lectin-drug conjugates to induce cancer cell death by drug delivery
ESR12 Dr Tkáč, ICSAS, SK Nanotechnology-driven construction of bioanalytical devices for glycomics
ESR13 Dr Katrlík, ICSAS, SK Affinity-based methods for high-throughput determination of glycosylation
ESR14 Dr Landemarre, GLYcoDiag, FR Development of a lectin kit for quality control of recombinant glycoprotein
ESR15 Dr Mairhofer, enGenes, AT Process development for the production of recombinant lectins in Escherichia coli